Paperback, book 2: Defenders of Destiny, in Search of Etherial.

Paperback copy, BOOK TWO: Defenders of Destiny, In search of Etherial.

Astrolaris grows surprisingly fast, he is an incredibly intelligent pet…or is he more?

Realizing that Astrolaris must be kept as close a secret as Robo-ship, they only go outside to play at night. Despite their precautions, an amateur cameraman inadvertently captures Astrolaris on his night vision video camera and posts it to the internet.

They begin to wonder if there are any more stasis chambers to be discovered; but is it wise to take Robo-ship on another adventure in search of more dragons while the world’s militaries are scanning the skies and oceans for UFOs?

Unaware of NASA’s true capabilities, they court disaster and begin their exploration.  While scanning for stasis chambers, they discover that the thick layer of ice encapsulating Europa, Jupiter's large icy moon, conceals an ocean of liquid water warmed by volcanic activity. It is an incredibly beautiful world, full of colorfully vibrant, bioluminescent plants and creatures.  They find a friendly technologically advanced sentient species with a lingering, dark, past.  Their fate has become intertwined in the struggle of this spectacular world of water, fire and ice.   Agony and anguish cry for them to abandon their quest, as home gently summons them back to Earth.

Destiny is renewed as the quiet sound of a computer keyboard reverberates fatefully through the silence of the stone chambers and passageways of an ancient monastery in a remote region of the Himalayan Mountains.  The Tibetan monks faithfully fulfill their sacred oath which their brothers had sworn centuries earlier: to guard and defend the secret of Draco...


Paperback, book 2: Defenders of Destiny, in Search of Etherial.

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