Paperback: Defenders of Destiny, the Discovery of Astrolaris

BOOK ONE paperback: Defenders of Destiny, the Discovery of Astrolaris.

     Joseph and his dad could never have imagined that their summer trip to the west desert in search of geodes would have interstellar ramifications.  Was it simply chance that Joseph's pick struck the strange metal object, or could it be - destiny?

     Joseph, Sharianna, Mom and Dad, and their heroic dog, Percy find themselves accidentally hurled into space where they discover what NASA has been trying to cover up for more than half a century.

     When they attempt to return home they learn that their incredible adventure has just begun, as they plunge into the beautiful tropical waters of the Pacific in a frantic attempt to escape the competing, desperate, clutches of the world's superpowers.

     What unearthly mysteries, strange creatures, sunken ships and lost treasure wait to be discovered in the depths of earth's oceans?

     Can they ever return home?  Will they become permanent citizens of the deep?  Or must they flee to the infinite reaches of space?

Paperback: Defenders of Destiny, the Discovery of Astrolaris

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